10 Tips EOFY from Byrons

I always find the End Of Financial Year stressful.  So I asked Paul Breedon, Partner at Byrons Chartered Accountants, for his Top 10 Tips to get us through:

             DO BEFORE 30 JUNE:

  1. Pay superannuation to get a tax deduction in the current year
  2. Delay Income until the 2013 if possible
  3. Bring Forward any deductions you can
  4. Consider prepaying Private Health Fund premiums to possibly make savings
  5. Review your capital gains tax position
  6. Trusts need to minute income distributions


  7. Personal tax rate changes starting 1st July for employees
  8. Immediate deductions may be available from 1st July on certain asset purchases
  9. The Flood Levy begins 1st July
  10. New reporting on Contractors for Building & Construction Industry starts 1st July


Good Luck All!!

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