Global Growth ~ Can It Continue To Grow??

Many experts have been saying that Global Growth cannot continue as it has in the past – The City Of Sydney this week were in the news for encouraging people not to buy anything for a month (they should have been educating people to conserve, purchase wisely, about collaborative consumption – but that is a discussion for another day!!) – Things have go to change, there is no doubt.

The Economist Global GrowthThis from The Economist, “Is it good news or bad news? Commodity prices have been falling sharply in recent weeks—the S&P GSCI index dropped by 13% in May alone, the biggest monthly decline in two years.

That amounts to a tax cut for Western consumers but it may also be a worrying sign that global growth is decelerating”

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I posted this on my Retail Miss Fix Iit Facebook Page & Twitter as well and Pete Williams (Chief Edge Officer for Deloitte Centre for the Edge AU) just shared this with me on Twitter:

TED TALK “Geoffrey West on How Growth can continueclick here to view


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