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 “Take Your Seat : Big shout out to Nancy – her advice is indispensable. Highly recommend to those who are at any stage of their business.”


http://silisyum.net/mail/shutochnie-pozdravleniya-s-dnem-rozhdeniya-kuma.html шуточные поздравления с днем рождения кума “@NancyGeorges We feel blessed to have experience your vibrant sunshine attitude and listen to you share your knowledge in retail businesses”

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http://myra.searchengineexpertsindia.com/priority/raznovidnosti-turoviih-potrebitelskie-svoystva.html разновидности туровиих потребительские свойства “Thank you from team Take Your Seat. What an amazingly inspiration to all of us in #retail and #wholesale.”

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“I enjoyed listening to your talk yesterday at the Reed Gift Fair. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

Alisa Blackburn, Elite Dance, Gosford


“I listened to both you ladies today @nancysnapper and @debratemplar your sharing of your knowledge is fantastic ABD very much appreciated. Now back home in Adelaide and raring to go, will start implementing your suggestions. Thank you! #reedgiftfairs”

Sharon Starr, Potted Thoughts




“Great talk Nancy, I spoke with many of the girls after the event and they valued your information highly, said it had educated, inspired and created many new avenues for promotion! ”

Kristie White, Innovation Space


“Hi Nancy, wonderful hearing you speak last night at Mumpreneurs Northern Beaches Network. You are truly inspirational and have given me loads of ideas and tools to better my business. Thanks so much”.

Michelle from Lil Cherubs x


“Thanks so much Nancy for practical and honest information delivered with a gorgeous sense of humour, cheers and Happy Easter from Bern”

Bern Alexander  FindAUniform


“Great meeting with you last night. Fabulous presentation. Thanks for inspiring.”

Imagine for Kids


“Thank for the motivational & inspirational talk the other night at Mumpreneurs Northern Beaches Network was great to finally meet you after following you online for some years!” ♥

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