Acknowledge The Source: One Blogger’s Frustration

As I was flicking through Tumblr, I cam across this post from My Vintage Vogue.

She is frustrated that people are using her content without giving her credit.  I applaud her saying something!  We take pride in sourcing great info and creating great content.  A little nod & acknowledgment is a wonderful thing.  Seeing it reposted or copied without crediting the source is really not ok!

I see this done WAY TOO OFTEN and I am appauled!  In this day and age it is so easy to check content that these unprofessional copiers are reposting as theirs.

I suggest when you see it happening, post a comment crediting the original source & unfollow the copier, that’s what I do!

It will also tell readers of that site / page that they are not reading authentic material.  I wouldn’t want to read or work with someone who does this, would you?

My Vintage Vogue, angry that people use her content without crediting her

the post:


Warning I’ve got my panties in a twist today!

Is it really so hard to respect other peoples work? Is it really so hard to admire my collection and if you use it source it or reblog it? I spend thousands of hours, dollars and skill every year to do this please have some manners when using my archive. Thanks for listening to me.

“Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?” Confucius

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