Alex Ritchie Shares His Love of Nature in Architecture @ Creative Mornings Sydney

I had a great time at this month’s Creative Mornings Sydney @Sydney_CM follow the hashtag #CMSyd.  Every month Creative Mornings from around the world organise talks on the same topic, visit the site here.

This month the topic was URBANISM:

~ great speaker: Alex Ritchie   Creative Director and Co-Founder of international experience design consultancy, e2

~ great venue: Hub Sydney, great co-working space

~ great people, some I knew & some I met!

You can watch videos from past Creative Mornings here, today’s should be up soon.

I have always loved amazing buildings & the masters who create them; one of the highlights of my life is visiting Barcelona and seeing Gaudi’s masterpieces.

Listening to Alex today helped me appreciate the thought behind the design, the inspiration, the process and the limitations that people with vision encounter.    He began by stating, “We all have a responsibility for everything we do & how we live” and this informs his creations.

The slide stating, “Art takes nature as its model”, introduced pictures of well designed buildings and heartfelt narrative from Alex.

Alex also mentioned his disappointment that so many buildings and spaces lacked design and quoted, “Design will go to heaven – style will go everywhere”.

Alex mentioned the impact of repetition in design in nature and how it is replicated in architecture, he showed us images of great buildings as well as his amazing Sculpture By The Sea 2012 piece Kaleidoscope Cube (pic below from SMH & watch the video below, under the pictures).

On the way back to the car, I saw gorgeous tiles at the entrance of Red Lantern on Riley St that were a great example of this repetition (image below). I have always loved this style of tile and design, but am now seeing it with new eyes!

Alex had the audience in the palm of his hand and the usual scurrying at 9.40 am did not occur, in fact they would have hung around well past the 10am close!!

I look forward to seeing what Alex and his team create!


Creative Mornings August 2013 Alex Ritchie


Alex Ritchie – Sculpture by the Sea Timelapse from e2 on Vimeo.


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