Ask Her, Burning Ambition for Women Event

I had the pleasure of attending an Ask Her event recently; Burning Ambition for Women, Supporting Women to achieve greatness in their chosen paths.

Since co-founding Social Media Women in March, I have been more aware of what makes different groups successful and what makes others get lost in a crowded market.  I think it is important to network in the area that works best for you, whether for social or business needs.  But once you find the group for you, I believe it is essential to stick with it and ‘work it’.

It was great to meet new people and see face I knew but all with a fresh new focus.  My impression is of a business focused group who are keen to meet and support each other.

I had met Sandra de Souza, one of the founders, at my first Social Innovation Bar Camp in August.  She talked about micro-financing and enabling women, who may not get a chance elsewhere, making their dream/business plan a reality.

I liked this approach and her unique way of problem solving this interesting problem of funding which is essential in getting any business going.

Guest Speakers were:

  • Kylie Little, Founder
  • Emma Hunt, Head of Sole Proprietors, PayPal Inc
  • Judy Hurditch, Director, Intermedium

Each speaker was open and offered great insight in their area of expertise.

Kylie spoke about “Being a Woman Entrepreneur”

I know there are men reading this and rolling their eyes, as if being a woman makes any difference but the reality it is does.  Kylie took us through the challenges she had as a women breaking the mould and the challenges that came with it.  Her honesty and frankness had many heads nodding and reassured many that there are lows and highs in any business.

Emma spoke about “How To Find More Cash in Your Business Using PayPal and the Internet”

I had just presented an E-Commerce seminar and in my research had learnt more about PayPal that I had know before (even thought I have a PayPal account!!) .  Emma’s insight into the many aspects of PayPal and the benefits of a business account had a lot of people madly taking notes and asking questions.

Judy spoke on “How To Win Government Contracts for Your Small Business”

This was an topic most of the audience had not ever thought of, others had taken on the task of Government contracts and not fared well.  Judy’s experience in this specialised field mean that she was able to share what actually happens in the system that can help or hinder a tender and why some are more successful than others (this session in particular hurt my head!!).

I left the event with my gift bag and a sense that Sandra and her team had invested a lot of time and effort in offering their members an interesting thought provoking range of topics and speakers that would help them make their business better.

There are some great Ask Her events coming up in November, more information here.

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