Trading through Covid Webinar

Webinar: TRADING THROUGH COVID 9 July 11am

Covid isn’t going away anytime soon. Businesses need to adapt and adopt new practices to navigate the Covid World we live and trade in. There is so much happening and customer behaviour is constantly changing, so we would like to offer support.
Join Nancy as she shares her insights & ideas to help businesses stay connected to customers and stay in business in these ever changing times.

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airbnb neighbour contact

Airbnb know their TRUE Customers.

I like this so so much because it shows Airbnb have a thinking realistic management who value customer service, user experience as much as they value their brand!

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Authors in Conversation: Jane Turner and Nancy Georges

Online Event: Authors in Conversation | 19.8.20 | 12:00 – 1:00 pm aest

I am really looking forward to chatting with Jane Turner, author coach about my book & more! Be inspired as authors share their writing secrets, and gain practical wisdom you can use right away. About this Event: Conversations with Authors gives you insights to increase your influence by becoming a published author. And in this..

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Working From Home Tips : Nancy Georges

So many people now having to work from home. But that’s not as easy or productive as that sounds!! I have worked from home on and off for the last 11 years and wanted to share my tips. Please watch / listen this video or read below for more: I’ve worked from home on and..

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KEEP CALM Shop Local header


While we are not obligated to them, it would be great to show our appreciation for having fabulous local business owners continue to open their businesses and ensure that when this madness is over, we have somewhere to go!

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“How to Achieve a Higher Customer Satisfaction Level”

In good company giving my thoughts on “How to Achieve a Higher Customer Satisfaction Level” for Taylor Reach Group Expert Round-up, click here to read everyone’s advice. My advice is: First thing is to find out what they want! Too many businesses sell products and services they like or can do as opposed to what the..

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Ethical Retailing: Pet Store That Won’t Sell Bunnies At Easter

Isn’t this fantastic responsibility by this pet store? They know they will make $$ at Easter but also know the other price that will be paid! BRAVO! This pic has turned up on reddit & has spread like wildfire!   I am still trying to find the name of the store to give a huge..

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I Don’t Hustle, I Work Clever!

I know we live in a world where: cool = great bad = good sick = cool hot = attractive etc   but one word I won’t use is ‘HUSTLE’ when I mean work clever! I work clever; I think, I network, I plan, I collaborate and I create. I get slang but not in..

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Macbook Not Going To Sleep?

I just got my geek on and wanted to share my findings incase you are experiencing the same thing! Is your MacBook not going into sleep mode despite the settings being correct? Happened to me and the fix was 2 things. I contacted Apple Support who showed me the correct settings: > Apple Key top..

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