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Nancy Georges, The Retail Miss Fix-itHello!
I thought I would cut my Bio short so that you can see all of the other things we have here! What to do with all the other info that gives you an insight into me and my business? So I can put it here!

Over the past 20 years I have acquired many skills and things I love! I am a paper lover, retail specialist, trainer, consultant, product designer, wholesaler and now adding blogger!! I started Paper Magnolia in 2004, bringing exquisite stationery to Australia and developing my own products in response to the market. Fine Stationery is back in style and Australians are once again embracing fine, quality stationery. We work with great retailers from around Australia and New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on having products that are ‘retail ready’ as they have been developed with the market in mind. We understand the needs and limitations of retail and how best to work with retailers. Being a Grace Bros Management Cadet means that my knowledge and expertise in retail is based on a practical experience from the ground up! Magnolia Solutions is our newest ‘product’, really a ‘service’, which has organically developed from our close relationships with customers and applying our retail marketing skills. Retail is hard work and we understand the vital elements required to create a successful retail business. Magnolia Solutions offers customers creative marketing solutions for their retail business. We are working with retailers in all product categories. Despite the current economic climate, we are working to bring the theatre back in to retail while increasing profits.
Our packages have been developed to help customers as much, or as little, as they need it.
We offer packages from; a Business Health Check, Communications Package, Promotions Package and Full Embedded Support.
As with any business we have been evolving. We also work with some clients as their external Marketing Department which has been great fun and wonderful to see some projects that have been on the drawing board for a long time come to fruition and be successful!
Results are immediate, as is customers’ renewed enthusiasm in fine-tuning their business and getting on with what they love – being great retailers!
Enjoy the Blog!
Don’t forget to leave your comments and let me know if there are any topics you would like explored!
Nancy 🙂

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