trading through covid tips nancy georges

Trading Through Covid Tips

The last 18 months have been very challenging for everyone on planet earth. As business owners, we are having to adapt faster than ever before because every day is different.
Lockdowns, mass contamination and true fear of death, never before experienced in our lifetime, have meant that we have to trade and connect digitally and find service solutions outside the normal toolkit we use.
Here are tips from Nancy Georges to support you as you trade though Covid and future challenging times:

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As Seen In: Heverton Anunciacao’s book, ’30 Advices from 30 Greatest Professionals in CRM & Customer Service in the World’

Honour to be asked to contribute to Heverton Anunciacao‘s book: ‘30 Advices from 30 Greatest Professionals in CRM and Customer Service in the World‘. Heverton contacted me and asked me to be part of his book. The premise: “Imagine the following situation: you were invited for a private meeting. In this meeting you are with..

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IP @ InnoDesignTech Hong Kong : 1 – 3 Dec 2016

When I created Innovation Pitchfest in 2015, it was a design competition that was designed to help Australian Designers and Businesses find manufacturing solutions and gain exposure. What began as a competition is now a commercial ‘movement’, supporting designers generate sales as well as manufacturing and business development. We are thrilled to be showcasing 35 of..

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