Cool Brand Apps; L’Oreal Paris ‘The Colour Genius’ App

Found this at Esprit Magazine Australia:

“L’Oréal Paris revealed its upcoming cosmetics launches plus a handy App (The Colour Genius) which suggests colours to match an outfit, fashion looks and ways to wear cosmetics and beauty tips to build confidence and inspire when it comes to wearing make-up.


Notable launches are Nude Magique CC Cream which adds to the BB offer by intuitively colour correcting. Targeting those with a tendency to redness the silky cream applies to the skin in an apple green shade which transforms into an ultra-light foundation that adjusts to the correct skin tone. Nude Magique also has a Blush and Power launching. In lips the hottie is Shine Caresse for those who love that just bitten stain look. It’s a silky, 30% water/60% oil formulation which isn’t sticky, doesn’t dry out and has long staying power. Eyes get a look-in with innovation in a new franchise called False Lash Mascara. Their first launch is False Lash Telescopic with micro-shredding fibres and a brush design that simulates the eyelid shape to coat every lash. Jane Slattery, Senior Brand Manager talked beauty editors through the launches. Seen here is Dorothy Grouios, Marketing Manager welcoming guests to the colour-full launch!”


View the App in the iTunes store here.


L’Oreal’s Description

The Colour Genius helps you to accessorise your make-up with your outfit.
Finally, the mobile app every woman dreams of – a personal stylist for your pocket. The Colour Genius helps you find the perfect make up combination to suit your outfit and your mood!

  • Snap it: Take a photo of your outfit or choose a picture from your photo library.
  • Select your mood : Day or Night
  • The decision is yours : MATCH IT, BLEND IT or CLASH IT according to your mood
  • Find it: Discover your complete look with an on-trend combination of Nail polish, Lipstick and Eyeshadow shades.
  • Learn how to accessorise with colour. Play with it again, and again…


This app is right on track with:

  • helping customers choose product
  • helping customers choose BETTER
  • interacting with customer’s environment
  • letting customers be creative
  • easy to use
  • easy to understand
  • it is the brand’s sales person in the customer’s home/office/car/in a cafe etc


It is tailored to today’s customer and their shopping behaviour.  Off to play with it now!

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