Customer Service TIPS


Without Exceptional Customer Service, any business cannot thrive, grow or survive long term.

The Internet and Social Media have meant that customers can share their experiences, good & bad, immediately.

Here are some tips to help elevate your Customer Service Experience:

  1. Know that Customer Service is giving your customer what they want, when they want it, not just the greeting as they come into your business.
  2. Remember that customer Service is just good manners applied to your business, your customer and every interaction you have. Be Respectful especially in cases where there has been a less than positive experience, this will ensure emotions do not get in the way of resolving the issue positively.
  3. Be Genuine. Smile when speaking to customers (especially on the phone), people respond immediately when others smile at them. It will also mean that they associate you with a positive experience. People are always happy to do things that make them feel good repeatedly which is good for your business.
  4. Take Customer comments, feedback and complaints as tools to help shape future behaviour. if something had a great response, do it again, apply it to other areas of your business & promote it. Use complaints to put in systems and procedures to ensure this does not happen again.
  5. Every single person in your business needs to value the same Customer Service standards and values. Training, reinforcement and feedback are vital for any business owner and their staff.

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