Deckhouse Social Media Brunch

Deckhouse Socal Media Brunch GroupWith all the focus on Social Media at the moment being about ROI and sales, it is nice just to let the ‘Social’ take centre stage! To see all of my pictures, please click here.

Denea, editor of Gourmet Rabbit, @GourmetRabbit on twitter (in ‘Twitter-speak” this denotes a person’s ‘Twitter Handle’ or their name / title),  invited me to join a wonderful group of people, half I already knew through Social Media, for a Social Media Brunch @ Deckhouse Woolwich hosted by Con Dedes, MD Dedes Group, Events Manger Barb, & Operations Manager Jason, with a super special appearance by Con’s fabulous Mother!  Dedes Group own, Dedes, Water Grill, Flying Fish as well as new comer Deckhouse. YaYa's Mousaka at Deckhouse

A special treat was Mrs Dedes, Con’s Mother. She was very generous with her time and even sent us a special treat, her own homemade Mousaka and Spanakopita.  I am from a family of cookers and I am an appreciater of great food, cooked with love and fresh ingrdients.  We were not disappointed!!

I value customer service beyond anything else, product, ambiance, location etc.  I felt like a valuable visitor from the front door to the back door, from the head of the business to Tom who was our service person.  This is not something that can be faked, this was a business that understood its craft; quality products, great service and making the customer comfortable.

They understand they are selling an experience.  One that their customer will want to repeat over and over again!!

Deckhouse Woolwich
This was an easy and clever way to spread the word about this great venue!

You see we were all doing what comes naturally:

Deckhouse – serving a gorgeous brunch, to their normal high standard, on the veranda overlooking Woolwich Dock and the glistening bay;

We were just sharing our fun and pleasure with our online community!  For me it was pure pleasure and I naturally I just had to share!


So how did we share the fun & enjoyment and spread the word about the great venue?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • You Tube
  • Blogs
  • Four Square

What did it take for us to share the experience?

  • taking pics
  • uploading the pics via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or later on our respective blogs
  • posting on facebook our comments
  • writing our blogs like this one

Most of us use tools and apps to make sharing even easier.

Simon Leong in action


This is Simon Leong, @simonleong, one of the best food bloggers and all round lovely person.  His photography is divine and his reviews are always spot on and honest.

Read Simon’s Blog Post here.  Enjoy, it transported me straight back to Deckhouse!


As you can see, a social media person’s tools, are their images and their words. How we use them is up to us!

Deckhouse Woolwich

Are you remembering a night out at dinner and the person at the next table taking a picture of their food with their phone? Chances are they were being posted online.

I met Tony Hollingsworth, @hollingsworth, through our shared love of Gelatomassi in Newtown, @gelatomassi and we have shared many an adventure together since.  Tony introduced me to  great coffee morning group in Mosman, #nscm, and this is where I met @kristinrohan & @iggypintado, who have been great supporters of mine and me of them.

Other great bloggers yesterday are : @Trisha_t @aprilsmallwood @spicyicecream @piggedout @heneedsfood.   Click the names and when you get to their twitter profile, you will see links to their blogs – EASY!!

If you want to follow the hashtag  it is #deckhousebrunch.  We use hashtags to follow a conversation.  Click on this one and you can see the whole stream.


Aside from the fun & merriment we had, we shared with our communities too, and in doing so promoted Deckhouse.

Here’s some stats (remember this is in about 27 hours) – I have only included Twitter at this stage:

  • 15 of us are connected to 42 021 people on twitter
  • 50 tweets reached 38 041 people yesterday
iggypintado 60,657
hollingsworth 33,791
NancyGeorges 16,315
KerryPintado 11,088
sydneycafes 5,578
cinnamonalvin 4,960
superfabulous 3,932
AskTonyFood 3,790
GourmetRabbit 2,329
TomasJonsen 2,287
simonleong 816
deckhouseAU 775
LorriL 658
bonvivantblog 627
___rawrrr 229


Each pie slice shows how many people saw how many tweets




So you can see this is a power tool this thing called Social Media!! What is shared is not just words, but pictures and video as well.  But most of all is the emotions and passion that is shared and is contagious!!

This is the power of Social Media; people of common interests and tastes REFER things they love to an audience that is likely to adopt, try or buy the same thing. We all know that we trust a referral from a friend or trusted associate far more than any other opinion or review (stats suggest conversion of 84% with referrals).

Granola goodness at Deckhouse

So friends, colleagues and associates, if you would like to visit a unique spot on Sydney’s waterways, with delicious food, great service, harmonious ambiance, for any occasion from Brunch, Lunch, Dinner or a special function, you cannot go past The Deckhouse at Woolwich Dock.

Clarke Road, Woolwich Dock |      phone: 02 9817 4394 |         website


I leave you with this…. ignore Social Media at your peril.  This is a great tool that is easy to use and allows people to do what comes naturally.  They will endorse your business and promote you and your products at the flick of a switch!




  1. April 4, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    that was a very interesting read. i've got no idea how you worked out all those stats but it looks pretty impressive to me and there I was thinking I was just having a nice social catchup with like minded people :-) — and I've always wondered what the back of my head looked like, and now I do hehe. Go Iggy with 60,657 impressions. I'm actually not sure what an impression is but that's sounding pretty damn impressive!

  2. April 4, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Thanks Simon, that is the beauty of Social Media, it just works! Hee hee I thought I would get the man behind the gorgeous pics!! Impressions are how many times they appear on a screen - so if your followers are not online then no impressions. An honour to have you on my site, love your work :-)

  3. April 6, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    Nancy it was great to taste the brunch vicariously through your blog. I wish I'd been there to join you, but had a previous engagement on Sunday. What a venue and what a bunch! Well done Deckhouse!

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