Department Stores Need To Step Up!

I just left this comment on an article in Smart Company titled: “How Happy Staff & Online Deliver Retail Growth” in reference to David Jones’ poor results last week, view here.

I was compelled to comment as I feel very strongly that the 2 main depsrtment stores in Australia have not done anything for the Australian retail industry and have infact harmed it greatly.
They are not acting as retailers but profit centers.

My first job was as a Grace Bros Management Cadet. I learned from great retailers what exceptional retail really meant and how to show the customer the respect they deserve when they enter my store / department by ensuring the right product was there, they were properly served and they came back. We did this AND made money.

Here is my comment, what do you think?

“Great points!
I think the retail industry is boooooooooooooored – especially here in Australia.
The Consumer is far more demanding and savvy that most retailers – ESPECIALLY the department stores.
The fact that David Jones have not embraced the online space (and not just ecommerce) shows they lack the interest in their customers and are not willing to make the effort to create a great experience for them online and off.
Consumers are rewarding them (or not) in kind.
Great opportunities for independant retailers to step up and put the magic back into retail!!
(yes i have retail dust moving through my veins!)”

I encourage every single Independant Retailer to learn their trade, create an exceptional store and woo customers back to a truely great retail experience, while the department stores are sleeping!!

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