Ethical Retailing: Pet Store That Won’t Sell Bunnies At Easter

Isn’t this fantastic responsibility by this pet store?
They know they will make $$ at Easter but also know the other price that will be paid! BRAVO!
This pic has turned up on reddit & has spread like wildfire!

I am still trying to find the name of the store to give a huge shout out but the main reason for sharing this is to say that we are all responsible for our part in this world.

More and more I am finding myself making decisions based on ‘how does this impact my community / the planet?’.

The problems that face the world seem sooooo huge at times that we think they are too big for ‘little one person me’ to make a difference.
This business owner stepped up and has not only saved many bunnies from a sad situation, they also showed many people that there are things we can do to impact the world and raise awareness.
They did this at a personal financial cost to themselves, so nice to see that money is not always the main driver in our world.
Bravo to them and the person who shared their pic.

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