I Don’t Hustle, I Work Clever!

I know we live in a world where:

  • cool = great
  • bad = good
  • sick = cool
  • hot = attractive etc


but one word I won’t use is ‘HUSTLE’ when I mean work clever!

I work clever; I think, I network, I plan, I collaborate and I create.

I get slang but not in a professional sense; we have so many amazing words in the English language that we can use without having to use words with such negative connotation!

We don’t say that:

  • Seth Godin is whack
  • Richard Branson is dope
  • Elon Musk is sick


Professional action and integrity mean so much more and deserve words that properly reflect their meaning:

  • savvy
  • clever
  • smart
  • connected
  • strategic
  • intelligent
  • integrity
  • honest
  • moral
  • innovative
  • forward thinking
  • brilliant etc


To get how crazy the word Hustle is, let’s look at the definition according to Google:

hustle  ˈhʌs(ə)l/ 

  1. push roughly; jostle.
    “they were hissed and hustled as they went in”
  2. obtain illicitly or by forceful action. NORTH AMERICAN informal 
    “Linda hustled money from men she met” 
  1. a state of great activity.
    “the hustle and bustle of the big cities”
  2. a fraud or swindle.  NORTH AMERICAN informal


So I am not a swindler, fraudster, move quickly, obtain things illegally or jostle anyone; I am a smart worker!

I think we don’t pay enough attention to the words we use and their meaning, we just on the bandwagon and use words that don’t reflect us or our meaning.

Happy Tuesday 🙂

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