Innovation Pitchfest August 2016

I created Innovation Pitchfest in 2015 to support Australian designers and businesses develop better businesses and go global! Learn more here.

The Grand Final was held in August in  Melbourne and I’d love to share all the fun with you!! Please click here to see all the pictures on the IP  site or scroll down for a snapshot.


Congratulations to our Winners:


Winners of IP 2016 – Yes 1st Place Winner Caroline is on facetime on the bus to the airport!! (l to r) Nancy Georges, Dannielle – B.Box for Kids, Billy Tucker – Locked Bag, Jayde Leader – Little Paper Lane, IPAD: Caroline, Mutating Creatures, Toni Wade – Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Tara Dennis, Katherine Schmitt – Reed Exhibitions, Cristian Costoiu – Tchibo Germany

1st : Caroline & Michel from Mutating Creatures for the Coffee Thumb

2nd: Billy Tucker for Locked Bag

3rd: Dannielle Michaels from B.Box for Kids for her great products


Congratulations to our entire Top 20, this competition was bar FAR the hardest to judge of the past 4 events:


  • The Fat Cowboy Pant Stool                                         Mutating Creatures
  • Encino Pendant Light                                                   Mutating Creatures
  • Coin-Pen Holder                                                            3D Dream Factory Pty Ltd
  • Mighty Good Undies                                                     Mighty Good Undies
  • FernPanelTM                                                                 Stem & Stamen
  • Macrame Knot Cushion                                               Hang It Designs
  • Vitabug Snack Crickets                                                Edible bug shop
  • PUMP Phone Charger                                                  Smartphone Trends
  • Wooden Yoga Blocks                                                    Hindsight Wood
  • Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit                                    Huckleberry
  • Collection of Nursery and Pram Accessories          Bambella Designs
  • Mushroom Nightlights                                                Little Belle Australia
  • Coffee Thumb – Eco Coffee Holders                         Mutating Creatures
  • GOQI Wireless Charging Wallets                              C-Corp International Co Ltd
  • Education on a Plate                                                    Education on a Plate
  • Cablestop                                                                        D2 design
  • Waste no eye drops’ TM.
  • Marshmallow Fondant                                         Australian Marshmallow Fondant

A HUGE thank you to our Sponsors:


(l to r) Lauren – Intuit Quickbooks, Sally – Reed Exhibitions, Tara Dennis, Nancy Georges, Cristian – Tchibo, Katherine – Life InStyle, Jayde – Little Paper Lane, Toni – Hong Kong Trade Development Council




An enormous THANK YOU to our Judges with a special shout out to Tara Dennis, who amongst her TV, media & design commitments has opened her first store and still made time for our competition!


  1. Cristian Costoiu, Creative Sourcing & Co-operation Manager, Tchibo
  2. Tara Dennis, Designer & TV Presenter
  3. Nancy Georges, Magnolia Solutions, The Retail Miss Fix-it
  4. Jayde Leeder, Little Paper Lane Retailer
  5. Toni Wade, Marketing Manager HKTDC
  6. Katherine Schmitt, Event Manager Reed Exhibitions



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