Is Everyone Entitled My Opinion In Social Media?

This post from culture Magazine on Facebook on Beyonce’s new pixi haircut was a great example of me practicing what I preach…

I decided a while ago not to sprout vitriol and pointless opinion in social media, over a drink with friends face-to-face is another matter as it is chatting in context.
This decision helped keep my thinking and outlook positive and really rewired the automatic reflex of expressing personal opinion like gospel.

The other thing I have noticed is that when people give their opinion, others state their opposing opinion and start to negate the original opinion on that persons page?!!

Honestly why can’t people accept that there are people in the world who don’t think like them??? I see it often where someone tries to convince another that their opinion is THE right one… why?? You say what is true for you and I say what is right for me and we rejoice in our differences! ‪#‎THATSLIFE‬!

I think that we need to respect others’ opinions and express ours without wanting to change people’s minds or being rude and offensive – IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT!!

Focus and share the good that you see and the things you can change!!

Good on Beyonce, she wants a new look, she’s talented and fab!!

beyonce new pixi cut vis culture magazine

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