In all this craziness of ‘toilet paper gate’ we need to take a breath and remember that we small businesses who are open & have what we need!

While we are not obligated to them, it would be great to show our appreciation for having fabulous local business owners continue to open their businesses and ensure that when this madness is over, we have somewhere to go!

Cafes, grocers, bakeries, newsagents, lifestyle stores, fish & chip shops, restaurants, they all need us to keep shopping. More importantly, WE NEED THEM.

You can all your local store and pay via app, online or over the phone. Food products can be picked up or delivered with minimal contact. Non-food products can be posted. Too easy!

If we have to cook 3 meals a day for 6 months, we will go NUTS! At least we can still enjoy the yummies we love.

This also takes the pressure off having to have heaving fridges and pantries. We can still get what we need.

We have to minimise our time outside the house, we should ensure that we stand at least 2 metres from other people. Standing in queues in the supermarkets is not ideal and means we have to compromise our safety.

RETAILERS who don’t have an online store or use ordering apps, I would love to help you! I will helping groups of retailers (no conflict of interest) get selling online quickly. I will also teach you how to be digital savvy too.
I will do it in groups so it’s affordable & create a support network of other retailers for you to connect with (not mandatory of course).
BUSINESS CREW ONLINE STORE SETUP: Please click here and fill out the enquiry form.

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