Macbook Not Going To Sleep?

I just got my geek on and wanted to share my findings incase you are experiencing the same thing!

Is your MacBook not going into sleep mode despite the settings being correct? Happened to me and the fix was 2 things.

I contacted Apple Support who showed me the correct settings:

> Apple Key top left of screen

> System Preferences

> Energy Saver

> Under Power Adapter make sure ‘Wake up for WiFi Access’ is deselected:

> Just for good measure, this is what the Battery Settings should be:


Sadly this didn’t fix it. So into ACTIVITY MONITOR we go!

> Go into Launchpad on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen

> In the search box type: Activity & the icon will come up, select it:


> Look and see if Chrome a Yes or No under Preventing (sleep)


> If No then you are OK

> If YES you need to look for Adware or malicious programs:

> Under WINDOWS open EXTENSIONS & look for foreign or unfamiliar Extensions
– If you find something, hit the BIN icon to delete

> Open Finder, look under APPLICATIONS and look for unfamiliar programs
– If you find something that doesn’t belong, delete it


> Check ACTIVITY MONITOR again and Chrome should show NO!


This didn’t work for me, although it worked for others.

I downloaded Bitdefender Virus Scanner, found lots of Tojan Viruses, adware & malware.

I then downloaded Malewarebytes which removed the offending software.

I had to run it a couple of times before the computer was totally clear!


If still not working check out this link from Google, here.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!



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