Marketing Is All Encompassing

I commented on a great discussion on LinkedIn and thought I would post it here too;

Stuart Ayling asked: How do people view the ‘marketing’ function within companies?

I thought the responses were great and this is such an important discussion to have within a business, regardless of size.  This was my answer:

“Geoffrey, I have always said that Marketing is a profession and we act and work like professionals but you are so right, we need to communicate it better.  Like the TV show idea – would be FAR more 3 dimensional than others.  I think the fact that Marketing has only been separated from Advertising or Sales over the last 20 years is part of the reason we are still having this discussion.

Danielle, I too have had this experience, each organisation gives marketing a definition, role and responsibility that suits it. As a Marketing Manager my responsibilities changed with every new sales manager. Now as a consultant, I find that clients don’t understand Marketing at all and are pleasantly surprised by the scope of the Marketing role. 

Marketing incorporates every single part of the business and Bambi’s point of departmentalisation highlights the biggest problem, in my mind.  One of the roles of Marketing is to set the setting of strategy and then in the role of support, guidance and advice in order to ensure the strategy’s success. If others feel threatened, challenged or worse do not think it is important. then this is where things fall down. Another important role is to leveraging opportunities, without the co-operation of the whole organisation, opportunities may not be identified at all.

I work predominantly in the Retail Industry which is a double whammy!! This is an industry which can no longer operate as it once did.  Retailers need to understand the importance of Marketing in order to use the tools available to them to survive in this ‘new world’. I would say that in Australia, a majority of independents are not aware of marketing beyond advertising so the learning curve is steep!

The last 2 years have been interesting as Social Media and the online marketplace develops.  I think many have found it easy to define that as the main role of Marketing, by way of trying to understand it, which does not help either as this definition is way too narrow.

Bambi, how lovely of the lady you worked with, just shows when Marketing is understood, it is far more effective!!

I find I am constantly educating and communicating the importance of Marketing and look forward to the day when it is not necessary, until then, I will spread the word loud and proud!!”

Hope this has enlightened you a little 🙂

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