Mecure Sydney Fail: IRL & Online

Last week, I tweeted my disgust at Mercure Sydney charging 1.5% credit card surcharge.  My first post was positive: checking in on foursquare with a cute pic of a vintage post box.

Mercure Sydney, Nancy Georges Retail Miss Fix It


I was not alone with others commenting on the surcharge:

Mecure Sydney, Nancy Georges Retail Miss Fix It

They replied to the Four Square tweet but not the surcharge….so I asked them about it and 3 days later still nothing….

Mercure Hotel, Nancy Georges Retail Miss Fix It

I think it is totally unacceptable that they charge a surcharge at all but the amount is  GOUGING!! If my merchant fees are about that then theirs must be 0.03% or less!!

Mercure Sydney totally not acceptable:

1. charging surcharge (you’re a grown company, this is a cost of doing business!!)

2. the amount of the surcharge

3. not replying to me!!


I am definitely marking them with my #BadRetail hashtag!

Tell me what you think about CREDIT CARD SURCHARGE?


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