My 7 Top Tips for Retailers

Sometimes we just need a reminder, tip or suggestion to recalibrate our business. These are 7 Tips to help Retailers recalibrate:


1. Adopt a service culture / focus in your store – Make it easy to deal with you – including:

  • Staff attitude, language and behavior
  • Product selection
  • Service process
  • Delivery on & offline


2. Become the Expert in your category, look outside your four walls:

  • What does your customer see?
  • What are other stores in your category doing?
  • What is the latest product in your category?
  • What is next?
  • What is going on internationally


3. Create ‘Theatre’ & a fun experience in-store:

  • Give the customer to get in their car, find parking, come into your store


7 Retail Tips

4. Stop focusing on PRICE and SALE, it’s all about VALUE!

  • Using Sales to drive income is lazy retailing
  • It’s also not profitable


5. Review ALL pricing across your whole business – Australian retailers are now competing with the world and now must adopt a VOLUME vs MARGIN pricing model.

6. Constantly source new products (or suppliers if they are not innovating their products) and Rationalise your supplier base, remove duplications; this will save time and money.

7. Build Collaborative Relationships with suppliers, retailers and local neighbours:

  • Become savvy connectors with mutually beneficial outcomes



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