Mytopiastore on Ebay : Customer Service Fail!!

I had a week from hell in terms of customer service, but the pinnacle had to be the service and ethics of Mytopiastore on Ebay.

I ordered a Cantilever Umbrella for Mum’s birthday party on 24 October, party was on 10th Nov and they say 3 – 7 days delivery – with 17 days out I figured I Was safe!

On 5 November, I checked the tracking details on the site & Blue Star Logistics site said it had been picked up and in transit.  I called them to be told in fact they didn’t have it and to contact the seller!! I don’t know why the site would say they have if they never picked it up….

On 6 November, I contacted them via ebay messages to say that we hadn’t received the item, to be sent an automatic; they picked it up – this never happens – but when it does we locate it…..WAIT 5 DAYS THEN CONTACT US.

REALLY that is after I told them I needed it for the 10th – obviously no-one reads the email they just cut and paste a response.

I then rang the help line – which is a call centre and not the seller to be told that someone will contact me.

More messages saying the same thing as above.

Then I rang and insisted that the SELLER ring me – it took some insisting but they rang me – the day before the party – Friday afternoon at 3pm and this is a brief recap….

  • Oh sorry they lost the Umbrella
  • Oh we have sold out  – despite my telling her it was selling on the site for $259 – I bought at $189
  • Oh yes it is a mistake – I will fix it – they never took it off they are still selling it..
  • We have another colour – yes I will take navy – it’s $10 less, can you refund the difference? – reluctant yes from them
  • Oh we can’t get it to you by tomorrow…..


I lost it – I insisted on speaking to the supervisor- each point is a separate call:

  • I’m sorry they can’t get it to you – yes they can I ship product all around the country and you can get it done
  • Oh well I don’t think so – can you pick it up from Seven Hills? No
  • Ummmm I will see if a staff member can drop off – oh they can’t
  • I suggested a taxi – they had to speak to the Operations Mgr
  • Operation Manager said yes
  • Oh no it won’t fit into the cab – book a van taxi – I will book it for you
  • Oh no!! we were measuring it to put into the cab AND IT BROKE!!!!!!!!!

IT BROKE???  I told her I knew she was lying and to refund the item immediately!!

Appalling!! I couldn’t believe how bad their service was!!

The things that made me really cranky were:

  • I had to chase it up constantly
  • They kept trying to tell me why it was hard for them to do anything… not my problem!!
  • They ignored that I needed it for a special occasion
  • They had the same item but as it was now being sold for $70 more – they didn’t want to send it – even thought I paid for it 17 days before
  • They were not helpful and tried to get out of having to send it


I am the wrong person to do this to – I get that but I can only imagine how many other people get treated like this and say nothing.

The only reason I bought it on ebay was that I couldn’t find an online store that sells these products?!

Yes we had the party without the umbrella.


Please share this info and name of this inferior retailer so that others avoid the same bad service and to send a clear message – get customer service right!!!


The images below show the item I bought @ $189 and the increased price @ $259

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 3.24.52 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-14 at 3.25.06 PM



  1. Jennifer
    December 5, 2013 at 11:02 am

    Complain to the Department of Fair Trading. You can lodge your complaint online. I just did for the same company and the same product

  2. Jennifer
    December 5, 2013 at 11:04 am

    PS. I paid $209 for something I have not received and have not had a refund.

  3. December 11, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    Thanks for making contact Jennifer, I will be escalating it as we discussed. Shameful!

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