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I attended Google for Entrepreneurs Women 2013 & here are some selected posts:

#Gfew2103 #startupaus 3 SHIFTS happening today: 1. Everything 2. Everyone 3. Everything. All facilitated through the cloud. Making it easier to start a business today compared with 5 years ago.

#Gfew2103 #startupaus We should all be using & living this word FLEARN – no such thing as failing, it should be considered learning.

#gfew2013 #startupaus Google tools for business, beyond those you already know: Google Cloud & Apps (pic)

@ShoesOfPrey mentioned at #gfew2013 as a company that has gone Google #shoplocal

#gfew2013 @venkatp I’m inspired & excited to delve into Google tools & apps, you are a master cause I have yet to have my 2nd coffee & you talked geek – but you didn’t loose me!!

Met the team behind @HerFashionBox at #gfew2013 – clever, check it out!! #shoplocal

#gfew2013 Daily engagers of brand are 27 % more like to have made a purchase & purchase 77% more than non-engagers.

#gfew2013 Brands & businesses are using Google+ Hangouts in interesting ways. @Toyota have built an api to create a face-to-face ‘Talk to An Expert’ button on their site. LOVE THIS #greatcustomerservice

#gfew2013 this is how Google determines what ad is shown where on PPC (pay per click) Adwords.

#gfew2013 Great advice from Jamie Woodbridge, only analyse the data that is relevant to you, if you cant use it, don’t analyse it! Most SMEs need to measure & analyse sales and customers. Sound simple but I suggest it is not often done!

#gfew2013 have you heard of HIPPO concept?? Highest Paid Person’s Opinion… Not always the best way to go!!

#gfew2013 Insights without action are pointless! So data alone is not the answer. Great info from @JamieWoodbridge

#gfew2013 Daily engagers of social media are 27 % more like to have made a purchase & purchase 77% more than non-engagers.


@andrewmic: 10 ways that iPads are transforming retail cc @thetweetailer >at least!! Thanks for sharing Andy :-))


I wish you could smell this!!! #clientlove I’m at Green Valley Spices in Neeta City Shoping Centre.


RT @MacquarieCentre: We offer FREE WIFI.. so grab a coffee and sit down for 5! > nicely done! This is not longer an added-extra, customers expect it, use it & patronise the centre!!


Shout out to @MarketPlace2040 who have free WiFi too! > nice work Marketplace Leichhardt ;-))


Unusual Location for a business meet up! Speaking at @SydHillsBiz about the Connected Customer at Gold Class & VMax Castle Hill.


I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again @TheAmandaRose is an authentic supportive business woman AND friend!! She’s collecting biz cards for my lucky door prize tonight at Sydney Hills Business Chamber!


If you want to see a Shopify site in action check out JWLZ‘s online store & for real life 17 Knox St, Double Bay! #ClientLove


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