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#TIP of the DAY: RT @karinasilva: I wish businesses would get that we’re happy to give them our money WHEN/IF real value is delivered! #advocacy #UX  – I SO AGREEEEEEE Karina!! (following my post about St George below)


Social Media Women June meetup: 1 of my fav people Hannah DeMilta is our Presenter next wk 11 June, Blogger Outreach – connecting Bloggers & Brands’, offering her insight & considerable skill. Join Us! Info & Register here.


Thank you @JohannaBD for sharing The Real Chat with me! We talked about our weeks & Crowd Funding. Here’s the link for your viewing pleasure!


I had the supreme pleasure of attending The Participatory Revolution #TakePart13 @ Vivid Sydney, last week, read more here.


I am furious that St George @Westpac have charged me to deposit a Bank Cheque into my account?!! “Over The Counter/Express Dep Fee” & it STILL takes 3-5 days to clear?! Gouging!! Calling bank manager now….


RIP Mandawuy, thank you for the music, love & education x via 702 ABC Sydney



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