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Dig Festival was an amazing 2 days, here’s a snapshot:

#DiGFestival #colcons being discussed in the context of the collaborative consumer – this is a very important shift in behaviour that will affect business models everywhere!

#DiGFestival Interesting question for businesses – they may want to co-create with consumers but consumers may want to co-create with other consumers – not businesses.

#DiGFestival gr8 preso from Newcastle Uni’s Tom Chen on The Collaborative Customer .

#DiGFestival co-creative consumers are called Value Initiators – this is a good term to help better understand how to engage them.

#DiGFestival Engaged Experience – the outcome of experience sharing.

#DiGFestival good eg of Vanish engaging the customer to find out how they use the product in ways not intended or expected – co creating further content and product development

#DiGFestival Businesses need a macro environment to create the need to co-create.

#DiGFestival @PWC talking Economic Growth through Open Innovation.

#DiGFestival @xero is devloping streamlined banking & faster payments – good news for businesses!

@servantofchaos #DiGFestival @PWC showed the Ask You video – love it!! #innovation

#DiGFestival mmmm next topic…’Getting Sexy With Transport’ … Intrigued

Gary Ellem’s #DiGFestival preso is fabulous, innovating transport, integrating digital tool, saving $$ & resources.

#DiGFestival I wish that Prof Paul Dastoor was my science teacher! clever, passionate, informative!

Soooo cool, Solar Paint!! Am learning lots #DiGFestival

#DiGFestival Angela Clark @ClarkStream talking Citizen Centric Media

#DiGFestival @ClarkStream ‘@Asos are citizen centric, have a look at this found on their investment page & a great eg of a retailer turning the traditional model on it’s head’

Waiting for @ianlyons to fly the drone at #DiGFestival!!

Jeff Julian showing his fabulous body of work #DiGFestival

#DiGFestival “fortune favours the aware” @BomerDog528 Jeff Julian

I happen to have sat next to a clever NAB person who has developed a mobile payment solution with social media integration… Nice!!

#DiGFestival @Pandora’s Jane Huxley @janehux shares her disruptive & successful career.

#DiGFestival @Pandora have a laser like focus on their customer. Like every business SHOULD!

Woooo hooooo @servantofchaos #DiGFestival Talk has begun.  Gavin is one of the smartest & nicest people I know.

#DiGFestival @ServantofChaos ‘to look 10 yrs ahead, look 20 yrs behind’ In the past we knew our customers who were geographically close…. Today we have access to this again thanks to geolocational software.

#DiGFestival @ServantofChaos ‘look at the WHOLE Customer Journey, not just the purchase stage’

#DiGFestival @ServantofChaos Trust is the currency of digital marketing.

Thanks! 43 tweet mentions during my #DiGFestival Talk ;-))). Totally humbled!!

#DiGFestival cool stats on Austn retail hot off the ABS press from @swarm

#DiGFestival Cities will be transformed by the new energy economy


RT @mirandadevine: Is this how our ancestors talked? Farsi and English were 6,500 years ago the same language. > interesting!


RT @gleonhard: Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula 4 Getting Rich Online @ev comments give new meaning to “sirenservers” #lanier


I enjoyed Google Entrepreneur For Women, here are some posts:

#GFEweek panel Sen Kate Lundy, Daily Addict’s founder Carrie Kwan & Shoes of Prey’s Jodie Fox

RT @jeanetteokwu: Which Industry has the Best Customer Service on Facebook? [Infographic] >interesting!

Treat to meet up & sit next to the gorgeous @Jenius @ #GFEweek. Check out Jennifer Lam @IAteMyWayThru!

Another fab person I bumped into in the #GFEweek reg queue @DianeL.

A fabulous panel at #GFEweek, savvy, clever women who are very generous with their experiences.

The super cute, clever, talented Poppy sharing her story at #GFEweek a great example of Club Kidpreneur in action!!

#365cups creator shares how she combined coffee & tech at #GFEweek

No end to the fabulousness at #GFEweek, Whitney, creator of The Best Day, MAKING OUTINGS WITH FRIENDS EASIER’ fab!!

#GFEweek Backing up is vital for all of us, a realisation which comes after much pain!! Creator Venessa Wilson shares Triple Backup

#GFEweek @KateLundy I remember being one of the few people in a company who got a PC!! #weareNOTold ;-))

#GFEweek I love that Daily Addict has evolved behind the product & is a movement & sharing community – of all things they love; food to fashion & everything in between! Thanks for sharing Kerry!!


SUPER interesting discussion next Tuesday @ Social Media Women w @Swankins Nicola Swankie leading the discussion “What ‘Leaning In’ Means For Australian Women” NOT TO BE MISSED! GUYS always welcome!


I am loving @Prezi!! Finishing my ‘The Connected Customer’ presentation for @Dig_Festival. So easy to use!! #DiGFestival


Great post on Crowd Funding Your Business from the uber clever @JohannaBD, based on her own experience with Business & Baby on Board


Thrilled to be speaking & presenting workshop! RT @dig_festival: 31 presentations & panels, 7 workshops, 2 competitions & 1 exhibition hall. Have u got your #DiGFestival tickets yet?


RT @dig_festival: BIG NEWS: Jeff Julian – Hollywood design legend to KEYNOTE at #DiGFestival > The countdown is on, I think tix still available for this great 2 day event!


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