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EVENT: Social Media Women 13 August : Collaborative Consumption: What is it? Why should we care? How do we integrate it into our businesses if at all??
We look at 2 businesses who have been built on it. Speakers are:  Lisa Fox from Open Shed and Bek Lambert from eXpert Local.

Register here.


REAL CHAT GOOGLE HANGOUT: Social Media Parenting ~ It’s a minefield for so many parents.  We talked about how to handle different aspects and offered some tips to parents. The questions and conversation seem universal, every time I speak about it or discuss it with parents their concerns are the same.

If you would like us to speak at your school, please contact me, click here.  Click here to see the video.


Facebook changes the news feed, but I like this one! Interesting posts won’t be missed!

In a nutshell from Business Insider Australia:
“The big change Facebook announced today is that now, when you come back, Facebook’s story scoring and ranking algorithm will look at all of the stories you have never seen, not just the stories created since you last visited.

In practice, that means if there was a story in your News Feed before, but you missed it because you didn’t scroll down to see it, Facebook will put it up top the next time you visit the site if Facebook believes that story is more relevant to you than all the new ones created since you last checked the site.”

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Sharing something I learned today: Downloading a video from Vimeo does not work on Safari or Firefox but does on Chrome! I just saved you 2 hours, you’re welcome


Come & hangout online with me and Johanna for today’s ‪#‎REALchat‬ on Social Media Parenting. It’s a minefield for so many parents. We’re talking about this on Real Chat today 10:30am on Google Hangout.
All you need is a gmail address – you can watch the video feed or you can participate in the live conversation.
Join Us:

if you want to see what a hangout is:


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