Nike X Liberty Collaboration ~ Retail Integration in Action!

The first thing I thought when I read that Nike and Liberty of London had collaborated and designed a shoe that as a fusion of the iconic prints with the world renowned shoes was – “What the??”

At first glance I wouldn’t have thought that the Nike customer would be into the Liberty prints… but it appears they are!! The shoes look great to me, even though they are not 2 brands I would link normally.  Their collaboration is one that would been thought out, assessed, measured, costed and planned.  I like the surprise of it, that they have not gone for the predictable partnership.

Announced on the Liberty website:

“Nike x Liberty

This season Nike iD and Liberty have combined to create a brand new collection. For the first time, customers can now use Liberty print to customise classic Nike styles as part of the Nike iD range.

To celebrate the launch of the new Nike x Liberty collaboration, three classic Nike silhouettes, the Air Max 1, Blazer Mid and cult favourite Roshe Run, have been reupholstered in two of our most famous Liberty prints, Pepper and Capel.

Find out more about the Nike x Liberty collection


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Nike X Liberty


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