Poor Retail Practises & Lies

I really hate it when retailers lie about delivery!!

I had an order in with Buyinvite (if you don’t know it takes 7 – 21 days to get the order).

Got an email saying that my order had ‘unforseen delay’ and they didn’t know when it would be delivered. (message now deleted from the Contacts list)

I cancelled my order only to receive reply saying the order had shipped????

Cancelling it anyway – not rewarding bad behaviour with my $!!


I posted this on my facebook page and had this comment from Sara-May creator or Makeuputopia:

“Good on you! I think this is an ongoing issue with those sort of websites. I recently placed three separate orders through brandsExclusive. Each of these orders were made up of some items I REALLY wanted, and some extras I chucked into the basket to subsidie the cost of shipping. In each case, the items I wanted were cancelled “Due to a computer error” that allowed them to be oversold, and the other items were still shipped to me. I firmly believe they intentionally oversold their high demand items in an effort to get rid of any surplus stock.”

and another:

“It’s why I refuse to buy from Global Shop Direct. I ordered, waited the appropriate delivery time called and was told 1 more week. Called and told that week-nothing and then told another lie. They are lovely taking the order but have no customer service skills to deal with follow ups. Apparently they are notorious for it.”



“brandsExclusive would never ever intentionally oversell products or aim to disappoint customers to falsify a perception of high demand.” I did suggest maybe there should be a mechanism when an item gets cancelled, the buyers has the option to modify their cart??

this from brandsexclusive site
“We have a no-inventory business model, which allows us provide items at such great prices. Our suppliers only send your order to us after the sales event is complete. Unfortunately at times there are delays in supplier shipping process. ”

FAQ page:

Why are some products sold out?
We secure the best available deals for our members. This means that products can sometimes sell so fast that the demand exceeds available supply. Any sold out items will be noted as such on our site. Your best chance to secure your desired product is to place your orders as early as you can.

If I add a product to my shopping cart, does brandsExclusive reserve the product for me?
Due to the flash-sale nature of our business, popular products can sell out quickly. Adding a product to your shopping cart does not reserve it, as that product can be placed into multiple shopping carts at once. As our sales usually only last 2-4 days, we believe it’s more fair for members to not be able to reserve products. We believe in giving every member an equal opportunity to purchase a product and therefore the first member to complete the checkout process will receive the product.

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