Reed Gift Fairs: Let’s Get Connected!

I am using cool tools from i-Proximity to show retailers & Exhibitors how easy it is to use tech tools to connect with their customers!

IBEACONS, NFC TAGS & TAPBOARDS are all tools your customer is already using in other stores – time for you to see how easy and effective they are!!

You will need to download the HELLO LOCAL app in itunes and Google Play.

Open the App when you come to The Melbourne Showgrounds.

You will need to go to each Pavilion at Melbourne Showgrounds.

As you enter each Pavilion, your phone will send you to the Play2Lead Quiz page.

Answer each question in each Pavilion.Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 12.25.26 am

You can go straight to the quiz here:  but remember it is better with the iproximity app!
You can see how many people answered like you and you can connect with people if you want to – I always like connecting to people like me!!

Everyone who plays enters the Game of Skill with the prize of $1100.00 – 4 HOUR POWER MEETING with me!

IPROXIMITY: More info here.

PLAY 2 LEAD: More info here.


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