‘Shop Til You Drop’ Everything in May Issue Online

My Facebook Tip of the Day has prompted me to write this post.  If you are on facebook, please go over and ‘LIKE’ the page so that the Tips appear in your stream.

Australian magazine Shop Til You Drop May 2011 issue is a first; Everything in the issue is available online!

Shop Till You Drop May 2011This is a big deal to businesses who sell anything and have been slow in moving into the online space!

The consumer sees this as normal and now expects to be able to buy whatever they want online.  Businesses who ignore this or are not already in the space will find it hard to ‘exist’ and grow.  They will be seen as ‘old fashion’ and not relevant in the market place.

STYD has always has an element of e-commerce and online connection and obviously readers are responding.  Their E-Boutique section continues to grow.  Check out how they use social media and other tools on their website too.  Their Facebook page is a good place to start.

To create a whole issue of product available online is interesting.  I have been saying, for a while now, that bricks and mortar retail is not very interesting or inspiring and most of the ‘action’ seems to be online.  This should not be the case.  Online and offline should be seamless and compliment eachother.

Dear business owners and sellers of anything; Get serious about your online E-Commerce / Shopping Cart – your customers expect it!!  The signs are all around you, ignore them at your peril!


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