Social Media 101 – Part 3

Have you read Social Media 101 – Part 1 & Part 2? This post will make more sense if you have.

We have covered; What is Social Media and Networking sites MySpace & Facebook.

Twitter ( is the social media of the moment, despite starting in 2006. Twitter asks users to answer “What are you doing right now?” in 140 characters or less. It is, in essence, a status update or a micro blog.

Like other social media sites, Twitter users are encouraged to connect and interact to build relationship and communications. ‘Twibes’, a wordplay on Tribes, are people with common interests. Connecting with members in your Twibe of interest ensures you get the most from your interactions and make better quality connections.

At the moment, on the Twibe site (, there are:
o 21 ‘Retail’ Twibes
o 40 ‘Sales’ Twibes
o 19 ‘Customer’ Twibes
o 29 ‘Gift’ Twibes
o 35 ‘Shopping’ Twibes
o 40 ‘Shop’ Twibes

That is 184 Twibes that you as a Gift Retailer can interact with immediately. Once you find a Twibe you would like to join, you simply hit the button and enter your Twitter account and password (the first time only) and the information is automatically attached to your account.

It is important to make your ‘Tweets’ interesting and relevant.

Although Twitter is mainly text based you can upload photos to sites such as Twitpic ( and write a comment which will automatically update your Twitter status (too easy!). If you have more than one photo per topic then it is best to upload on your site, Facebook or blog and then Tweet about that via a link.

Twitter retail store application:

· Update Stock just in or on its way (create excitement)
· Communicate instore promotions
· Create ‘Spot Special’ excitement – clear stock that is not moving at what is normally a quiet time
· Interesting stories your have read online
· Interesting magazine articles
· Keep emphasising the thing that makes your store different
· Connect with complimentary businesses to promote your business
· Connect with suppliers, customers and other local businesses
· Connect with relevant Twibes

The Social Media landscape should be a little clearer for you now, next up: Blogging!

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