Social Media 101 – the final chapter

Have you read Social Media 101 – Part 1, 2, 3 & 4?
This post will make more sense if you have.

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  2. Social Media 101 – Part 2
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  4. Social Media 101 – Part 4

I thought I would show you a real life example; my own Magnolia Solution pages to help tie all of the information above together.

Magnolia Solutions’ Facebook page: I use this page to drive traffic to the blog using the Facebook network.

Magnolia Solutions Facebook

a. Status Line

b. Tabs with more information / interaction options

c. Blurb about the company

d. Past Status Entries / Posts

e. Visitors can interact with each entry by leaving a comment, showing their interest by clicking ‘like’ or sharing it on their page

Nancy Georges’ Twitter page; I use this page to promote Magnolia Solutions as the owner of the business as well as promote the blog and posts on Facebook.

Magnolia Solutions / Nancy Georges' Twittera. Personalise the background

b. My Location

c. Link to blog

d. Number of people I am following

e. Number of people following me

f. Latest Tweet

g. Thumbnails of people I am following

h. Past Tweets and conversation with others on Twitter

Magnolia Solutions’ Blog; Use this page to promote Magnolia Solutions, infact I have created the website here.  It contains Twitter and Facebook feeds & links: MS_bloga. Blog title – say who you are and what you do

b. Bit about the Author (me)

c. Latest Blog Post

d. Visitors can sign up to follow

e. Can’t see: Twitter feeds, Facebook status updates, People following, Fav Links

The new emerging media and demand has generated a new product for Magnolia Solutions, one of our newest packages is a Social Media package.  We set up Twitter, Facebook & Blog accounts for our clients, with the objective of handing over the management of the sites to them at the end of 3 months.  It is my belief that it is important for store owners to take over this communication themselves, as they ultimately are the ones with the relationship with the customer. Social Media takes a bit of understanding and getting used to.

There are many dismissive comments made about it in the traditional media and amongst Gen X and older.  However, to ignore it, or worse to dismiss it, will mean that you will miss opportunities for your business that your competitors will take advantage of.  While I am writing this I am very aware that only 34% of Australian retail businesses have a website.  This is partly due to the lack of understanding of the benefit the business will gain as well as the cost of a traditional site.

Social Media allows you to gently enter the online world in an engaging way and expand it in line with your Marketing Strategy. The Social Media Strategy must work in with the Marketing Strategy.  Your online presence must be backed up by the offline reality and vice-versa.  Don’t forget your customers now have a voice that is louder and stretches further than ever before.  To benefit from an increased profile and closer communication with your customers; ensure that their experience with your business is positive.

Please visit me on Twitter, Facebook and Blog, follow and have a look around, send me any questions, leave comments or suggestions – always welcome!

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