Stay Free at 8Hotels If You Have More Than 100,000 Instagram Followers

Social Currency in play here; Got 10,000 followers on Instagram? You can stay at 8Hotels in Sydney for free!

I love that this made the Los Angeles Times. I read it on Interiors Addict blog a couple of months ago too. via Raz Chorev

The Sydney 1888 Hotel is owned by 8Hotels has been created to appeal to young, hip customers.  They have designed and tailored the hotel decor and fitout to fit the perfect selfie!  It has been called an ‘Instagram-themed’ Hotel and will be interesting to watch!

The fitout is retro and some images taken on instagram are displayed on the walls! (via Softpedia)

According to PSFK: “The hotel is managed by 8Hotels and was named after the year Kodak came out with the first box and roll camera.
In an article on Mashable, 8Hotels CEO Paul Fischman said the hotel was designed with the ‘modern traveler’ in mind. Today’s travelers like to take photos of their trips and share them on their social networks. That is why 8Hotels integrated social media into the design of the hotel.”

If you don’t have that many followers, you can still stay in one of the 90 rooms for $140 a night.

People IMMEDIATELY SHARING trips, pictures and places have transformed how destinations now market themselves. Social media autoposting means that pictures and information are seen web-wide; Instagram feeds into tumblr which feeds into facebook which can feed into…. etc

I will be watching with interest 🙂



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