Stop Asking Me To ‘Like’ You On Facebook!

There are so many people who are posting “Please ‘Like’ this so my Mum will buy me a fish” etc  It was cute in the beginning, but now there are people posting their disgust and frustration under pictures.

Now this is the type of ‘Asking for Likes’ I think is appropriate. Gorgeous little man ♥


Genuine Call Out


The parodies have begun!

A friend shared her friend’s picture on Facebook – make me laugh but encapsulated it in one!




The thing that people really don’t understand here is that IF YOU HAVE TO ASK, IT’S NOT REAL!!

I get messages all the time asking me to ‘like’ their page because they liked mine.  i used to send them a message back but now I don’t bother and I block them from my page.

If your content and business is good enough, people will connect.  Stop asking people to like you, it reeks of desperation.

Be genuine, authentic and respectful of your audience!

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