Social Media Women August 2013 meetup

Collaborative Consumption ~ The New Trust Economy ~ The Sharing Economy @ Social Media Women Aug 2013

We had a great Social Media Women Meetup last week! Checkout the posts on my Storify. Thank you Open Shed‘s @_LisaFox & eXpertLocal‘s Bek Lambert @noshamecreative for opening our eyes & minds to #collcons Collaborative Consumption / Peer to Peer Communities / The Sharing Economy. so many names but all one thing, maximising latent capacity…

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Global Growth ~ Can It Continue To Grow??

Many experts have been saying that Global Growth cannot continue as it has in the past – The City Of Sydney this week were in the news for encouraging people not to buy anything for a month (they should have been educating people to conserve, purchase wisely, about collaborative consumption – but that is a..

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