Talking about ‘The Connected Customer’ @ Referron: 10 Oct Sydney

Join us next Friday in Sydney @ Referron,

I’m talking about the Connected Customer and how to engage them at BSI Connect.

More information here.


“The Future of Now: Always On, Always Connected

Communication technology unites us, relays news equally with opinion, transports us to worldwide events, and shrinks distances between our relationships. We’re tuning into events that we’ve never before been able to access and witnessing other people’s experiences unfold in real-time.

Our communications paradigm has shifted, and with it, our interactions within our immediate environments have evolved.” – Social Media Week 2014

Customers are connected – to everything! They are connected to each other, their common interest groups, businesses, service providers, celebrities & more.

They are connected by devices and are driving the marketplace.

The way they connect, behave and communicate online is not the same as they have done historically.  They trust economy is strong and referrals are personal endorsements.

The line between B2C and B2B is blurring and will soon be gone.

Businesses must understand how the customer connects, behaves & communicates online.  


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