Telstra iPhone 6 Launch: Sydney 19 September 2014 #ShareTheFeeling

I had the honour and pleasure of being invited by Telstra to the launch of the iPhone 6 in their George St Sydney store @ 7am.
I expected queues but what I didn’t expect was the buzz in the air, the dedicated iPhone fans, Justice Crew, DJ and strangers just smiling at each other and dancing away!!

The event hashtag was , you can see more online.  I had so much fun, check out the fun here on Facebook & here on twitter & here on instagram

I need to say upfront that I am not a geek (although I am a geek girl-in-training!!) and cannot tell you all the techie details about the phone.
What I can tell you about is how this phone is a very important tool for me as a retail marketer and how businesses can use it to share their story and journey with their community.

I had an iPhone 4 and now have an iPhone 6, provided by Telstra (thank you!) and am loving it – an noticing the difference far more than if I had an iPhone 5. More on that below!


As I mentioned the launch was great fun and for everyone who attended when they look at their phone they will forever remember the fun, joy and excitement. Coming from an event background, I had to commend the team for an orderly, safe, organised event, not easy in busy downtown Sydney.


iphone 6 - 1


Justice Crew entertained us and graciously met the fans, nothing was too much for them, nice to see.

The ‘Feeling Wall’ was very cool, it was like an aura of the people infront of the screen, check it out:

iphone 6 - feeling wall


I met  Thanasi, , who had the honour of being the 1st inline and therefore the person to get !! He was very impressed!!   Thanasi was there with his friends at the front of the queue at Telstra

The excitement inside the store as people where collecting, connecting and learning about their phones was palpable and contagious!


iphone 6 - inside store



I was ushered into The Telstra Experience Centre which was a hub of activity! Bloggers, tech writers and the Telstra team were sharing stories of the launch, photographing and playing with the phones.

I met Johnny from @TheAuReview and Lachlan @APixelShort and Lachlan who were photographing the iPhones 4, 5, 6 & 6 Plus and learned a lot from them about the phones. They were very impressed overall.

Johnny did mention that he can now use the iPhone 6 internationally, where previously some countries it didn’t work.  I had not heard about this but good to know hey??

I mentioned I am not a geek girl so here are the links to their posts on the phone:


Andy Volard, Telstra Director of Devices showed us the fab features on the new like iSight, a new feature on the , better image filing making finding images easier! . Basically it takes better pictures and video, learn more here at Apple.


iphone 6 - experience ctre


WHICH iPHONE – 6 or 6 Plus??

Choosing between the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus I had a few things to consider:

  • I talk on my phone a lot, so I needed something that would be comfortable for more than 5 minutes in my hand
  • I have a phone pocket in my handbags so it needs to fit – as well as fitting into smaller bags, like clutches
  • I like to put my phone in my pocket sometimes too
  • I have just bought a new iPad Air after the old one just would not start one day
  • I was going from the smaller iPhone 4, so anything was bigger


iphone 6 - pics


So I decided on the iPhone 6 as the 6 Plus was just a little bit too big.   That said, when I saw the 6 Plus I was surprised to find it is not that big and had I not had a new iPad I might have chosen it.

Interestingly, when I asked my friends and colleagues, I found that women preferred the 6 and men the 6 Plus – unless the women were Geeks, in which case they went the Plus too!

I recommend you going into your nearest Telstra store and seeing for yourself before choosing!



A new gadget is always going to be a positive experience but here are the things I like most about my new iPhone 6:

  • New design: It’s so thin! Not just lighter but also rounder edges – all over stylish
  • Lighter
  • Bigger Screen: good for glasses-wearing me
  • Bigger text options
  • Better battery life

But the all time best thing for me about this phone as a business tool is: THE CAMERA!!

I carry a Canon camera in my bag at all times, previous phones did not take great shots all of the time so I used the camera as my primary tool.

Since I have had the iPhone 6, I have not used the camera AT ALL!

I am able to take great shots inside, outside, in the evening with the iPhone 6. Which means I can use them faster and store them straight away in my iCloud account so I can access them from any device at any time!

The added features of:

  • Slow Motion
  • Time Lapse


Means that all my media requirements can be done on the iPhone 6.

Businesses can now share these CREATIVE talking pictures with their customers, online and off, adding another level to their communications.

Here are some pics I have taken with the iPhone 6, that would not have turned out as crisp or clear with the iPhone 4.


iphone 6 - nancy pics


 IOS 8

Add a great phone and a newly improved operating system and you have a business tool you can use on the go.  Read more about, ‘The best iOS 8 features you may not know about’ on The Verge here.

I encourage you to visit your nearest Telstra store and speak to their great staff to learn more about the iPhone 6 and orders yours too!!

Remember, the coolest things we find are sometimes accidental but always a cool surprise when we are using our new phones!
Enjoy :-))

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