TIP – Be Disciplined EVERY DAY

Before I start, let me tell you : I had to learn this skill myself!! So I am a convert and like all reformees, I am often found on the soap box beating this drum!!

Routine is really important in any business but especially in RETAIL! At the same time it is a hard thing to do when every day is different to the previous day and not the same as the next…

As a retailer, you are busy wearing every hat in the business: sales person, orderer, merchandiser, trainer, supply officer, mediator, innovator etc… Then there are the fires that have to be put out every day….this also means that things just don’t get done and ultimately, opportunities can be missed.

As a result, tasks that can be done in a short time, usually get put off and then take triple the time to do / fix when they are finally addressed.

Create a weekly calendar, break it up into 30 minute blocks and schedule time for the regular tasks that need to be done: checking signage instore, house-keeping, merchandising, checking and unpacking orders, ordering, training, staff meetings, rosters, supplier correspondence, planning etc.. of course block out the busy periods – the calendar must be realistic and achievable.

You will also find that you will manage your time better as you know that you can deal with non-urgent issues in an allocated time and not as everything pops up.

Let’s talk about delegation soon….

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