What Does Dan Do Next? Clever Covermore!! #DanDoes

I had the pleasure of being invited to Covermore Travel Insurance to meet Dan Moore, or Dan The Man, as I am now calling him!  Dan won a tough competition, entrants had to create their own submissions, view his below.

I love this campaign from Covermore; we vote on where Dan goes and what he does when he gets there!!.

So far the votes are in:

  • Nepal – 37%
  • Peru – 40%
  • Sri Lanka – 23%.

Voting closes Wednesday 13 March! Click here to vote on facebook & you could win an iPad Mini!!.

Dan is the perfect guy for this task!! He told me about running with the bulls in Spain!! He’s ready for anything!! I will watch with interest!! Dan is also a talented photographer and graphic artist; check out his instagram pics here.

Covermore’s use of social media is also right on track, they are connecting with customers and using it as a key customer service tool.  They are also connecting with travellers, bloggers and key industry influencers in their natural habitat! Very clever!

Follow the conversation on facebook and on twitter with the hashtag #DanDoes

Here’s Dan’s video:



Dan Does



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