airbnb neighbour contact

Airbnb know their TRUE Customers.

I like this so so much because it shows Airbnb have a thinking realistic management who value customer service, user experience as much as they value their brand!

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KEEP CALM Shop Local header


While we are not obligated to them, it would be great to show our appreciation for having fabulous local business owners continue to open their businesses and ensure that when this madness is over, we have somewhere to go!

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PayPal Are Buying Sydney Siders A Coffee Today!

@PayPalAu are shouting Sydney CBDers a coffee today!! It’s a great way of showing how easy it is to pay on the go with your digital wallet & giving people a much needed Monday coffee!! Simple & Easy: Download the App here: & use it to pay for your coffee at one of the..

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THIS Is How You Connect With Customers Online!

Nice one Sly @ Surry Hills! A friend was having a conversation with her friend on Twitter about a new place in Surry Hills. She then tagged me in suggesting we have lunch there and mentioned he hasn’t tried it yet as it is not ‘dog-friendly’. Sly got straight onto it and posted 2 pics..

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Manning Valley Egg Cartons, great packaging

Good Packaging Communicates & Tells Your Story

Packaging is a great way to communicate with your customer & share an experience, an insight or your business with them… I am not talking about ingredients and the usual sales blurb but the story behind the brand, ingredients, suppliers etc Even better when it links to a multi media story. Love these egg cartons,..

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#CoolCafe Lyons R.A.W. Drummoyne

The attention is in the detail, so many cool fitouts and fun decor to share!! Driving around the inner west to find a cafe opened at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon proved harder than we thought.  We wanted to be by a park or the bay…. but ended up on Lyons Road Drummoyne. As we..

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Hong Kong Retail ~ The Markets to The Malls

Hong Kong is such a diverse market place, and a MUST visit for retailers wanting to immerse themselves & get inspired!! The street markets are a vibrant source of cute kitschy product as well as practical household goods! Shopping Centres are not the main shopping areas of Hong Kong residents – the streets are alive..

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I love Mum, mother's day gifts @JWLZ Double Bay

Creating Theatre in Retail @ JWLZ Double Bay #ClientLove

Working with Sharon on her new store is a dream, watch this space! But while we are building the site and the range, we didn’t want customers to miss out on visiting the store for Mother’s Day. Sharon’s clever husband suggested getting some balloons for the front of the store. As soon as they were..

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