Nancy Georges on ABC News 24

Nancy Georges on ABC News 24 The Business: “Bricks and Mortar Shopping is Re-emerging”

“We are creating town centres in the communities of tomorrow” Bryan Hynes, Managing Director at AMP Capital Shopping Centres. Thank you ABC News 24 for including me in “Bricks & Mortar Shopping is Re-emerging’. Click here or on the image to view the story.

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Nancy Georges on ABC News 24 The Business: ‘Myer Sales & Profit on the Slide’

I am constantly baffled as to why profit is achieved by slashing costs & not by increasing sales by putting well trained sales people on the floor in Australian Department Stores?? Constant poor results are indicative that it is not a viable strategy!! I got my 2c in on last night’s ABC News 24  The Business..

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media140 Panel on ABC News 24 “Women, Social Media & Influence”

ABC News 24 interview with media140 panelists Cassandra Wilkinson, Joanne Jacobs & me on “Women in Social Media” 15 mins of interesting discussion. Enjoy!! Click Here to Watch the Video   Click here to read more about the event. Click here to see the tweets and posts. Click here to see the pictures from the..

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