Nancy Georges on ABC News 24

Nancy Georges on ABC News 24 The Business: “Bricks and Mortar Shopping is Re-emerging”

“We are creating town centres in the communities of tomorrow” Bryan Hynes, Managing Director at AMP Capital Shopping Centres. Thank you ABC News 24 for including me in “Bricks & Mortar Shopping is Re-emerging’. Click here or on the image to view the story.

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Nancy Georges on ABC News 24 The Business: ‘Myer Sales & Profit on the Slide’

I am constantly baffled as to why profit is achieved by slashing costs & not by increasing sales by putting well trained sales people on the floor in Australian Department Stores?? Constant poor results are indicative that it is not a viable strategy!! I got my 2c in on last night’s ABC News 24  The Business..

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Nancy Interviewed for Financial Times “International invaders shake up Australia’s home grown retailers”

4 April 2014  ::   I was interviewed for this piece by Jamie Smyth in Sydney  ©Getty “In a country whose previously isolated landscape has been devastated by the introduction of rabbits, foxes and other invasive species, Australia is facing its latest incursion: foreign retailers. H&M opens its first store in Australia on Saturday as..

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